Quinn Brenner is the main character and lead in Insidious: Chapter 3. She is haunted by the Wheezing Demon, and almost killed by the entity. The demon plans to drive Quinn to suicide so her soul can join it in the Further. Quinn is nearly killed when she is hit by a car, and the accident leaves her with two broken legs. She is incapitated for most of the movie, as the demon slowly feeds on her soul. The demon is nearly successful in luring Quinn into the Further, but with the help of Elise, Tucker, Specs, her father, and the spirit of her mother, Quinn is able to break free and destroy the demon for good.


Quinn is a sophisticated girl, and loves to read and write on her blog. She wants to be an actor, and auditioned for an acting school but was distracted by the Wheezing Demon waving at her and stumbled through her lines.


-She is played by Stefanie Scott that also played in the Disney channel series Ant farm.

-This is Stefanie Scott's first horror movie.

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